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1 Jon Zens "He Will Testify of Me": The Work of the Spirit in Redemption
Searching Together 1982 0739-2281 paperback new 49pp. 
"He Will Testify of Me" looks at the Spirit's work in the Trinity, in creation, in Israel, in the Messianic age, in revealing Christ, in the Christian life and in the body of Christ. This is followed by a superb and very important article by Russ Ross, "The Redemptive Model & the Holy Spirit's Work in Ethics." Russ shows how the Spirit takes the New Exodus, New Covenant and New Commandment and applies them in the Christian life. Also included is Jon Zens' "An Appraisal of the Charismatic Movement," and Freeman Barton's review of Walt Chantry's book, "No More Gifts?"  
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2 Jon Zens "Hear Him": The Foundation of New Covenant Ethics & Ecclesiology
Searching Together 1997 paperback New 97pp. 
An extensive examination and critique of historical and contemporary views of Christian ethics & church life. Among other things, this book looks at the OT as Christ-centered (not Israel- or Law-centered), at the New Exodus, the New Covenant, the New Spirit, the New Israel and the New Commandment, and includes an evauation of the ethical views of the Anabaptists, Calvin, Thielicke, Thomas Watson, H. Bavinck, H. Ridderbos, L.S. Chafer, Greg Bahnsen, Carl F.H. Henry, Daniel Fuller and Robert Brinsmead. It also includes extensive sections on the outworking of the "law of Christ" (Calvary love) in the believer's life. 
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3 Jon Zens "Weekend with Jon Zens": DVD's, Sept 18-20, 2008, Apex Community Church, Dayton OH
Apex Community Church 2008 DVD Series 
Jon presented nine sessions on topics requested by the leaders of Apex Community Church, Dayton, Ohio. This series was done Sept 18-20, 2008. The series consists of eleven DVD's as follows: 1. New Covenant Hermeneutics; 2. Hermeneutics Q & A; 3. The Kingdom of God & Being the Ekklesia; 4. Eschatology & How It Shapes the Church; 5. Discipleship; The Church & the Poor; 7. House Church Health; 8. Consensus Decision-Making; 9. The Roles of Elders & Deacons; 10. Elders/Deacons continued; 11. Women in Church Life. One family in Oklahoma commented on this set: "Our family has greatly profited from these DVD's. We appreciate the fresh perspectives and the dialogical format." 
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A Church Building Every 1/2 Mile: what Makes American Christianity Tick?, Jon Zens
4 Jon Zens A Church Building Every 1/2 Mile: what Makes American Christianity Tick?
Ekklesia Press 2008 097652225X / 9780976522256 1st paperback New 128pp. 
When former governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, brashly dismissed organized religion as a sham, it scandalized the religious establishment. Jon Zens present four crisp essays in this volume that unravel the reoccurring components of American Christianity. They show that condemnations like Ventura's are reasonably justified. Jon contrasts the reality of modern the modern religious community with the vision set out in the New Testament. Much of what calls itself church is unaligned with the teachings of Christ. Jon, a 30-year veteran of simpler approaches to church, gives an honest, refreshing challenge to revisit the concepts and practices commonly thought of as "church." "When people ask me why the church seems powerless, I often note that we have not yet tried to answer Jesus' high priestly prayer to be one. We allow petty differences and theological trivialities to divide us. Jon brings us back to where Jesus wants us to be as in the early church. This book is must reading." -- Cal Thomas, Syndicated Columnist/Fox News Contributor, co-author of 'Blinded by Might' 
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As I Have Loved You: The Starting Point of Christian Obedience, Jon Zens
5 Jon Zens As I Have Loved You: The Starting Point of Christian Obedience
Searching Together 1980 Paperback Very good 32 pp. 
In 1980, this was a ground-breaking study that showed from the NT that Christ, not Moses, was the spring board for all that believers do. Everything flows out of union with Christ and love to Him, not out of Law. And not just any love, but the love He displayed on the awful cross. This article has a lengthy historical section in which the major Christian ethical traditions are examined in light of Christ's revelation. 
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6 Jon Zens Building Up the Body: One Man or One Another?
Searching Together 1981 0739-2281 paperback new 40pp. 
"Building Up the Body: One Man or One Another?" develops the New Testament practice of body life by examining key N.T. texts, and interacting primarily with the Puritan tradition, which focused on the one gift of "the Minister." The conclusion is that there is no NT basis for our fixation on "The Pastor" to the neglect of the 58 one-anothers in the NT. Also included is Judy Schindler's excellent article, "The Rise of One-Bishop-Rule in the Early Church: A Study of the Writings of Ignatius & Cyprian," and Jon Zens' "Several Proposition Set Forth as Encouragements to Practice Christian Love in Local Churches," plus a review of Robert Banks' "Paul's Idea of Community."  
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Christ Alone: 5 Challenges Every Group Will Face, Jon Zens
7 Jon Zens Christ Alone: 5 Challenges Every Group Will Face
Quoir Pub 2015 1st Paperback New 45 pages 
In succinct form, Jon seeks to unfold the contours of 5 challenges every group is sure to face -- to function with Christ only as the focus, to let Jesus lead, to deepen relationships, to be defined by Christ, not Adam, and to let the love of Christ reign in body-life. One reader noted after reading "Christ Alone": "For those seeking authentic Christian community where all are equal, all participate, and Christ is Head, Jon has provided a sensitive yet deeply penetrating article that points to Christ alone as our Leader and Sustainer. Having been part of one such community for several years, I can confirm that the five challenges Jon addresses are real, and every group that seeks to place Jesus as Head will have to wrestle with them, often many times. In Christ Alone, Jon provides a compass that will guide us away from idols and things, and reorient us to Jesus as our everything!" -- Mark Lake, Experiencing Christ blog 
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Christ Minimized? A Response to Rob Bell's Love Wins, Jon Zens
8 Jon Zens Christ Minimized? A Response to Rob Bell's Love Wins
Ekklesia Press December, 2011 0982744676 / 9780982744673 Paperback New 64 pages 
Jesus said: “Do not be surprised at this: An hour is coming when all the people who are in the tombs will hear Jesus’ voice and will come forth – the ones who have done good things to a resurrection of life; the ones who have practiced evil things to a resurrection of judgment” (John 5:28-29) The controversial book Love Wins suggests that all people will experience redemption, and that no one will face the permanent judgment of God. Christ Minimized? challenges such convictions, and concludes among other things that “Paul did not comfort the afflicted saints by saying that in the future their tormentors would be reconciled to God. Rather, he comforted them by saying they would be ‘paid back’ for touching God’s anointed ones.” Christ Minimized? examines some traditional views of popular Bible verses, hell, heaven, the afterlife and invites the reader to re-examine commonly-held assumptions. It is a book that will take you deeper into the eternal purpose of God in Christ. One of the toughest questions anyone can ask a believer and the toughest answer he/she "must" give is, "How can a loving God send people to hell?" Rob Bell in his book Love Wins has set out to reconcile God's love with humanity's concern. The question, however, is this: Does what Bell sets forth line up with biblical theology? Jon Zens seeks to answer this question in his latest book, Christ Minimized. Unlike many theologians and church leaders (many of whom I respect), Jon actually interacts with Love Wins. He answers the tough questions, disagrees with charity, and also exposes the many straw men that appear in this work. If you are looking for a response that does not sound like a vicious attack, please read this. If you have been asked the tough question about how a loving God can "send people to hell," then read this book. I was moved by the charity, the clarity, and the conversational approach Jon employs in this book, and I am confident you will be challenged too! -- Lionel Woods, Financial Analyst, Texas “This is a good critique, certainly more meaty and substantial than many of the thinly-disguised ad homeinim attacks on Rob’s character that I’ve read out there.” – Michael Morrell, The Ooze 
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Desiring Unity...Finding Division: Lessons from the 19th Century Restoration Movement, Jon Zens
9 Jon Zens Desiring Unity...Finding Division: Lessons from the 19th Century Restoration Movement
Searching Together 1986 Paperback Very good 32 pp. 
The author looks at the historical development of the movement started by Thomas Campbell (aka Church of Christ) in light of his own journey, finding parallels and contrasts. While the author's heart has certainly matured since he wrote this in 1986, it continues to represent some key burdens he carries for life in the body of Christ. 
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Elusive Community, Jon Zens
10 Jon Zens Elusive Community
Quoir 2020 1938480589 / 9781938480584 1st New 70 pages Dotty Zens 
Many have come to view relationships like the thorns that came after Adam and Eve’s errant behavior. But Jesus by His cross created a New Humanity, a New Species, a Third Race where loving, accepting and safe communities emerged everywhere the Gospel was preached. These communities were far from perfect, but they were also far from functioning like earthly organizations. Taking their cue from Jesus, they were lovingly counter-cultural. May you be encouraged to be in step with Jesus’ heart for His people to be in community, to be a display of His Kingdom now to the principalities and powers! "Jon Zens' Elusive Community makes a much-needed contribution to a very important topic. Like all his other works, it's a piece of superb writing, thoughtful and compelling." -- Frank Viola, author Forward, Skeeter Wilson Chapter 1 – We Are Headed Into Community Chapter 2 – Community in the Big Picture Chapter 3 – Why Is Community So Rare? Chapter 4 – Community in America Chapter 5 – Belonging Runs Deep Chapter 6 – Community in Secular Culture Chapter 7 – What About Christ-driven Community? Chapter 8 – How Can Ekklesia Be a Relational Reality? Chapter 9 – Who Do You Want Walking with You in the Cool of the Day? Chapter 10 – Do We Want to Build Up the Body? Chapter 11 – It’s Always Something Chapter 12 – A Good Dose of Reality Chapter 13 – “The Spirit and the Bride Say, ‘Come’” Chapter 14 – “Let Us Consider One Another” Chapter 15 – God’s Kingdom Is Relational Chapter 16 – Will We Pursue What We Were Created For? Chapter 17 – Afterword, April, 2020 Chapter 18 – America, Land of Lost Community, Paul L. Wachtel 
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11 Jon Zens Four Tragic Shifts in the Visible Church
Searching Together 1993 0739-2281 paperback new 65pp. 
After the opening essay, "4 Tragic Shifts," excerpts from other sources are provided that highlight the flavor of early church life. Included are The Church of the Catacombs (Oetting), The Early Christian Church (J.G. Davies), The Apostolic Church (Everett F. Harrison), The Beginnings of Christianity -- The State of the Roman World at the Birth of Christ (George P. Fisher), Apostolic & Post-Apostolic Times (Leonhard Goppelt), History of the Church of God (C.B. Hassel), and The Organization of the Early Christian Churches (Edwin Hatch). Also has an article by "William Barlow" (pen name) that questions the traditional centrality of the sermon, and its actual value in communicating truth to God's people ("Communicating the Gospel").  
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Jesus Is Family: His Life Together, Jon Zens
12 Jon Zens Jesus Is Family: His Life Together
Quoir 2017 1938480236 / 9781938480232 1st Paperback New 110 pages Dotty Zens 
In 17 chapters "Jesus Is Family" seeks to give twists & turns to life in Christ's Bride. Here are some chapter headings: Family Is Relational, Family Is Imperfect, Family Is Healing, Family Meats Together, Family Meets Together, Family Is Ekklesia, and Family Is 'Adam.' Frank Viola says of this book: "Another remarkable contribution from the prolific pen of Jon Zens." 
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Life Between the Bookends, Is the Lord's Passion Our Passion Too?, Jon Zens
13 Jon Zens Life Between the Bookends, Is the Lord's Passion Our Passion Too?
Quoir 2018 1938480287 / 9781938480287 1st Paperback New 5 1/2 X 8 1/2 
It was said of Jesus that “zeal for my Father’s house consumes me.” Is that zeal burning in us? Perhaps a big reason that such zeal has been muted or derailed in us rests in the fact that we have been led to chase after issues and ideals about Christ, instead of Christ Himself. This book suggests that the Lord’s heart is revealed in the Bookends of Scripture – Genesis 1-2 and Revelation 21-22. At the beginning and the end we discover a Bride and a Groom. Adam and Eve pointed to the larger reality of Christ and His Bride, the ekklesia. The eternal purpose of God in Christ unveils an extravagant love. “God so loved the world that He gave His Son.” The Father always pours His love into the Son, the Son pours His love into His Bride, and the Bride pours her love into the Bridegroom. “The love of God is poured out of our hearts by the Holy Spirit.” It is hoped that Life Between the Bookends will ignite a spark in your life to be in step with the heart of Father, Son, and Spirit! “I enjoyed and was convicted by Life Between the Bookends. Thanks for sharing His heart.” – California “I could not hold back the tears. This book presents exactly what the Body of Christ needs to hear.” – Arizona “Jon, thank you for stirring me up to reconsider my priorities in life.” -- Florida “Life Between the Bookends is fresh air in a stale religious environment. I’m thankful the Lord put this message on your heart.” -- Texas 
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No Will of My Own: How Patriarchy Smothers Female Dignity & Personhood, Jon Zens
14 Jon Zens No Will of My Own: How Patriarchy Smothers Female Dignity & Personhood
Ekklesia Press 2011 0982744633 / 9780982744635 Paperback New 80 pages Kathy Huff/Jessica Braddock-Gavit 
In 1912 Jesse Penn-Lewis noted from Genesis 3 that it was the serpent, not the woman, who was cursed: "The serpent is cursed, but, in effect, the beguiled victim [Eve] is blest, for through her will come the ‘Seed’ which will triumph over the devil and his seed; and through her will arise a new race through the promised Seed (Gen.3:15) . . . . Henceforth it is also war by Satan upon the womanhood of the world, in malignant revenge for the verdict of the garden" (War On the Saints). Church history reveals that Roman Catholicism and Protestantism taught and practiced forms of patriarchy that essentially sided with the evil one's disdain for females. Women were not allowed to function or speak in the church, were viewed as existing to serve males, and were seen as conduits of sin and error. John Calvin, for example, rashly affirmed "Therefore all women are born to submit to the pre-eminence of the male sex . . . . Let the woman be content in her position of subjection, and not feel indignant because she has to play second fiddle to the superior sex." In No Will of My Own, author Jon Zens compares the patriarchy taught to families by the Roman Catholic and Dutch Reformed churches in Holland with an aggressive patriarchal wing of the home-schooling movement in America. He shows that the earmarks of patriarchy doctrine result in varying levels of abuse of young girls and wives. This book serves as a vital warning concerning the misuse of Scripture and church tradition to smother female worth and dignity. In almost every religion around the world, the hearts, souls, and bodies of women are sacrificed on the altar of fundamentalism. In No Will of My Own, Jon Zens takes a sobering look at abuse within patriarchal Christianity. An important book. -- Hillary McFarland, author of Quivering Daughters: Hope and Healing for the Daughters of Patriarchy 
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15 Jon Zens Segregation or Scripture? The Missing Issue in the Case of IRS vs. BJU
Searching Together May, 1982 paperback new 22pp. 
Shows that by deflecting the issue to inter-racial dating, Bob Jones University spokespersons are avoiding the real matter that needs to be addressed: Has BJU ever repudiated the outrageous position espoused in Bob Jones Sr's 1960 message, "Is Segregation Scriptural?" In that booklet, the founder of BJU said, "If you are against segregation and against racial separation, then you against God Almighty . . . . God is the author of segregation." 
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The Pastor Has No Clothes: Moving from Clergy-Centered Church to Christ-Centered Ekklesia, Jon Zens
16 Jon Zens The Pastor Has No Clothes: Moving from Clergy-Centered Church to Christ-Centered Ekklesia
Ekklesia Press To be released June 28, 2011 paperback New 180 pp. approx. 
“The local church pastor is key – absolutely central – to everything we are and do as a church" (Ministry Magazine, 2010). Do sentiments like this reflect the mind of Christ? Since around 250AD the visible church has focused on one leader to hold the parishioners together. The Protestant tradition carried on this practice by making the "Pastor" or "Minister" the focal point. In The Pastor Has No Clothes, Jon Zens demonstrates that putting all the ecclesiastical eggs in the pastor's basket has no precedent in the New Testament. Using 1 Corinthians 12:14 as a springboard, he shows that the usual way of doing church contradicts Paul's self-evident remark that "the body indeed is not one part," and then goes on to unfold from that Epistle how the living church functions "with many parts." Jon dismembers the traditional pastor doctrine from various angles by combining two new essays and a response to Eugene Peterson’s The Pastor: A Memoir, with three past articles and excerpts from his response to Dr. Ben Witherington’s review of Pagan Christianity. “The pulpit,” suggested Paul Watts in 2000, “stands for the authoritative Word of God, its public reading and preaching. The pew, through long usage, has become a symbol for the hearing and reception of that word.” Is this what church boils down to: pulpit and pew? You would think so by the prevalent ways church is practiced. But Jon shows that pulpit and pew are unknown in the New Testament. Instead, a vibrant organic church life enriched by the participation of everyone is portrayed. FRANK VIOLA SAYS: Jon Zens has written one of the most important books of the 21st century. If you thought Pagan Christianity was controversial, think again. Jon’s book demonstrates beyond dispute that the clergy-system (in the form of the modern pastorate) is not only unbiblical, but contrary to the headship of Jesus Christ. I hope that every Christian reads this volume with an open heart and mind, especially those who deem themselves “leaders” in the body of Christ. I applaud Jon for his courage in adding another Scripture-based book to help foment the growing revolution that God has begun today — a revolution designed to give His church back to His beloved Son. -- Frank Viola, author of Reimagining Church, Pagan Christianity, From Eternity to Here & Revise Us Again 
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They Looked Up & Saw Jesus Only - Essays Recognizing Jon's 40th Year as Editor, 1978-2018, Jon Zens
17 Jon Zens They Looked Up & Saw Jesus Only - Essays Recognizing Jon's 40th Year as Editor, 1978-2018
Quoir 2018 1938480341 / 9781938480348 Paperback New 160 pages 
Essays showing the superiority of Christ over Law/Moses, looking at NT texts misused my Diapensationalists & Covenant Theology, and including a 1946 lecture by C.H. Dodd on "The Gospel & the Law of Christ." 
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What's With Paul & Women? Unlocking the Cultural Background to 1 Tim 2, Jon Zens
18 Jon Zens What's With Paul & Women? Unlocking the Cultural Background to 1 Tim 2
Ekklesia Press 2010 0976522292 / 9780976522294 Due out early April Paperback New 148pp. 
It is long, long overdue for the record to be set straight once and for all: to use 1 Tim: 11-12 as "clear" justification to silence all Christian women is utterly without biblical warrant. It is a mistranslation compounded by ignorance of the historical-cultural setting, compounded by harmful traditions, and compounded by far too much authoritarianism coming from those whose job is supposed to be helping believers understand the Bible correctly. In What’s with Paul and Women?, author Jon Zens tackles Paul's flow of thought, focusing on verses 11-12, in light of the fact that Timothy was left in Ephesus by Paul to deal with false teaching (1:3). He draws upon his own extensive linguistic research as well as the diverse, often overlooked research and teachings of those who have been wrestling with this issue for more than a decade. It brings much needed light to a concern that has plagued the body of Christ since the dawn of the post-apostolic era when the early church fathers began to supplant the clear example of Jesus and the works of His apostles with pagan philosophical influences which destructively perverted the important role of women in the New Testament epoch. Also, three appendices in What’s With Paul & Women? provide further insight to the issues raised in 1 Timothy 2. The first two are by Jon -- an extensive review article of John Piper’s What’s the Difference? Manhood & Womanhood Defined According to the Bible and a summary article on 1 Cor.14:34-36. The third is by Frank Richel Ames on the social world of Ephesus when Paul wrote 1 Timothy. 
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Women's Ministry in Light of All That's in the Bible, Jon Zens
19 Jon Zens Women's Ministry in Light of All That's in the Bible
Searching Together 2009 New DVD 1.5 hours 
Meeting in Ernie Serna's home in East Los Angeles July 7, 2009, Jon Zens gave an extensive overview of women in Scripture -- male & female in Genesis 1-3, women in Israel, and how ministries of women are described in Acts & the Epistles. With this foundation, he then looks at the "problem" passages, 1 Cor.14:34-36 and 1 Tim.2:9-15. Concluding that these contexts have been misused to silence women, Jon then suggests the ways the New Testament contours female participation in the Body of Christ. 
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58 to 0 -- How Christ Leads Through the One Anothers, Jon Zens / Graham Wood, eds.
20 Jon Zens / Graham Wood, eds. 58 to 0 -- How Christ Leads Through the One Anothers
Ekklesia Press Available Dec 19, 2013 1938480058 / 978-1-938480-05-8 Paperback New 202 pages 
Bold, fresh, insightful and provocative. A treasure chest of light on the church. This is perhaps Jon’s best work yet. -- Frank Viola, author of God's Favorite Place on Earth, “LEADERS . . . . LEADERS . . . . LEADERS” There are 58 “one anothers” in the New Testament, but 0 information about “the pastor.” According to how “church” is done in most quarters, the existence of the church and all its eggs are put into the one basket of “the pastor.” C. Peter Wagner reflects this general outlook when he asserts, “The local church is like a company with one company commander, the pastor, who gets his orders from the Commander-in-Chief . . . . The pastor has the power in a growing church . . . . The pastor of a growing church may appear to outsiders as a dictator, but to the people of the church, his decisions are their decisions.” There have been thousands of books published about the aspects of church leadership, but comparatively very little time has been spent on the necessity of the church to “love one another,” and all the rest of the one anothers that flow out of Christ’s new command. Based on observations since 1965, Jon’s conclusion is that we need more and more of Christ, and less and less of the traditional views of "leadership." This book sets forth the Jesus-centered way of functioning as brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ. In Part One, Jon Zens sheds light on the basic issues of what has traditionally been called “leadership” and “authority.” His conclusion is that historically the church has been more about individualistic power than foot-washing. Part Two consists of contributions from writers spanning from 1937 – 2012: Hans van Campenhausen, Judy Schindler, Bruce Davidson, Darryl Erkel, Hendrik Hart, Russ Ross, Lawrence Burkholder, R.L. Wysong, Norbert Ward, Kat Huff, Stephen Crosby, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, H.L. Mencken, John Howard Yoder, and Frank Viola. These authors take issue with the traditional understandings of church life, and point the way to Christ, the only rightful Leader of the ekklesia. It boils down to this: if a group is filled with Jesus and his guidance, “leaders” will probably not be on their minds; if a group lacks the fullness of Jesus, they will probably become fixated on the need for “leaders.” “Oh, my! How I wish that I could have read 58 to 0 twenty-five years ago!” -- Former pastor, California 
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