Christ Minimized? A Response to Rob Bell's Love Wins

By: Jon Zens

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Jesus said: “Do not be surprised at this: An hour is coming when all the people who are in the tombs will hear Jesus’ voice and will come forth – the ones who have done good things to a resurrection of life; the ones who have practiced evil things to a resurrection of judgment” (John 5:28-29) The controversial book Love Wins suggests that all people will experience redemption, and that no one will face the permanent judgment of God. Christ Minimized? challenges such convictions, and concludes among other things that “Paul did not comfort the afflicted saints by saying that in the future their tormentors would be reconciled to God. Rather, he comforted them by saying they would be ‘paid back’ for touching God’s anointed ones.” Christ Minimized? examines some traditional views of popular Bible verses, hell, heaven, the afterlife and invites the reader to re-examine commonly-held assumptions. It is a book that will take you deeper into the eternal purpose of God in Christ. One of the toughest questions anyone can ask a believer and the toughest answer he/she "must" give is, "How can a loving God send people to hell?" Rob Bell in his book Love Wins has set out to reconcile God's love with humanity's concern. The question, however, is this: Does what Bell sets forth line up with biblical theology? Jon Zens seeks to answer this question in his latest book, Christ Minimized. Unlike many theologians and church leaders (many of whom I respect), Jon actually interacts with Love Wins. He answers the tough questions, disagrees with charity, and also exposes the many straw men that appear in this work. If you are looking for a response that does not sound like a vicious attack, please read this. If you have been asked the tough question about how a loving God can "send people to hell," then read this book. I was moved by the charity, the clarity, and the conversational approach Jon employs in this book, and I am confident you will be challenged too! -- Lionel Woods, Financial Analyst, Texas “This is a good critique, certainly more meaty and substantial than many of the thinly-disguised ad homeinim attacks on Rob’s character that I’ve read out there.” – Michael Morrell, The Ooze

Title: Christ Minimized? A Response to Rob Bell's Love Wins

Author Name: Jon Zens

ISBN Number: 0982744676

ISBN-13: 9780982744673

Location Published: Ekklesia Press: December, 2011

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Book Condition: New

Size: 64 pages

Categories: Theological Studies, New Testament Studies, Christ Minimized?

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Keywords: afterlife, heaven, hell, resurrection, universal reconciliation, universalism