We Are Christ On Earth: the visible expression of Jesus in space & time

By: Jon Zens

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Table of contents:
Foreword, Jose Bosque
Chapter 1 – The Crucial Piece of the Puzzle
Chapter 2 – We Are Christ On Earth
Chapter 3 – The Forgotten Horizontal Dimension of His Cross in Ephesians 2
Chapter 4 – The Cross in Community, Frank Viola
Chapter 5 – Jesus, The Incarnation of Humility
Chapter 6 – What Was the Early Ekklesia Like?
Chapter 7 – Expressing Christ in Organic Church, Mark Lake
Chapter 8 – Christ Expressed Together
Chapter 9 – Poured Out
Chapter 10 – Community in the Raw
Chapter 11 – The Mind of Christ in Our Life Together – All of Christ Through All the Voices
Chapter 12 – What Stands in the Way of Christ's Expression in His Body More Than This?
Chapter 13 – When Are We Going to Wake Up to Reality? The Nightmare of the Pastoral Institution
Chapter 14 – "Dear Pastor"? No. "Dear Saints"
Chapter 15 – "One Anothers" Eveerywhere!
Chapter 16 – Saints Are "Overseers"
Chapter 17 – The Lord Sets the Lonely in Families
Chapter 18 – "Each One of You Has A Song"
Chapter 19 – Do We Really Believe Who We Are?

Foreword, Jose Bosque:
I love Jon Zens…I love the way he cares for the Body of Christ. What is interesting to me is that the Lord would choose a man with such depth in theology and history of the Church to be a pioneer for practical, daily, fleshed out simplicity in Christ. Sounds like the Lord to me. Only the Lord can get the Glory in that!
In a world where doctrines and methods are debated at every turn, you have picked up a book that cuts through untested rhetoric and theories like a hot knife to butter. Two things pop out to the casual reader; this writer has years of experience and he loves to share with others the teachings, books and comments that have affected his life. When Jon says All of Christ from All His Body he is not kidding. The book is greatly strengthened by the testimonies of those in the Body of Christ who have spoken about His Ekklesia, the visible expression of the Lord Jesus Christ in this world.
Reminds me of the Bible verse in Matthew 13:52:
He said to them, "Therefore every scribe who has become a disciple of the kingdom of heaven is like the head of a household, who brings out of his treasure things that are new and fresh and things that are old and familiar."
I have been walking out an expression of Organic Life now for over 15 years. I can testify that in my journey I have read and written many articles and books about the Organic /Simple Ekklesia journey. I can tell you that this will become a practical and helpful study guide for all of us looking to walk out that which we preach so much. I started to highlight the parts that spoke to me, or the things that were fresh revelation and witnessed in my spirit, and I highlighted two and three times on every page.
Did I tell you I love Jon Zens? Well, I tell you I love the visible expression of Christ that he both writes about in this book and that he models daily before a hurting and confused Church. May this book help you see Him, "our Lord Jesus Christ" more clearly!
Much love,
Jose L. Bosque, author of Fueled by Love: Filling the Empty Heart
Webmaster, https://godsleader.com/

Title: We Are Christ On Earth: the visible expression of Jesus in space & time

Author Name: Jon Zens

Edition: First

Created: 2021

ISBN Number: 978-1-938480-97-3

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Illustrator: Kristen Hollinger, Megan Cronje

Location Published: Quoir: 2021

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